Thursday, October 21, 2010

confessions of farmville addict

So Hubs has once again blocked the Facebook games.

Apparently I spend waaay too much time playing games instead of cleaning, laundry, dishes, feeding the children. Things that should be my "JOB"

Now before you get your panties in a bunch over "your job!?! WTF"  Hubs is right. He works hard for us. I work (out of the house) too. But the difference is that I still have a part time job and my other part time job is raising the 3 hellions that he has blessed me with.

So instead of being addicted to all my FB games - particularly Farmville, I have decided to perhaps give myself some sort of reason to share my accomplishments (and failures) for the support that I so desperately need.

Yes, I still have facebook, and my "real" job to brag (ha ha) about all the really annoying amazing things that my hellions do and say. But here I can open up a little more.

I hope that I can one day look back at this documentary that is life and see all that I really have done.

 - OR -  Perhaps I will soon need a 12 step program for blog addiction.