Monday, December 20, 2010

MMM...Don't you wish your squirrel friend was fat like mine?

So making memories Monday turned into Major Migraine Monday...

I could feel it coming while feeding Bubba the most bland baby mush ever and the smell was overwhelming. It was an hour yet till hubs came home. I couldn't wait - I ended up nearly passed out next to the toliet on the (clean) bathroom rug. Thankfully laundry has been getting done a lot more frequently these days.

So, as I was near death all night, and a fog still fills my head, there is very little enthusiasm to give a great memory today. That being the cold, hard, fact I will let you see my little chubby squirrel friend. We decorated for fall with some corn stalks - these were quickly attacked by my little furry buddy. He even ventures onto the front porch to get at the delicious and fattening corn. Today - before my head asploding - I took some great pics of my friend.

Sir Fatty McFatterson

He loves munching!

He lives in my tree.

He leaves footprints on my front porch.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Making Memories Monday... Puttin away the baby gear.

Welcome to the start of, drum roll please... " MAKING MEMORIES MONDAY!!!"

I know today is Tuesday, but this stroke of genius hit me late last night and I was already in bed. I would hate to mess up my sleep schedule again as it just recently returned to semi-normal. So deal with it!

Today (actually yesterday ;p) I decided it was about time to finally set up Christmas. ONLY 12 DAYS LEFT! From the depths of the freezing cold basement, it's a cool 55 (?) degrees F all year round (awesome in the summer not so much full of the awesome in the winter) I pull up what seems to be ridiculously heavy boxes of decorations. Monkey and Bubba are trapped in the living room - ah the wonders of baby gates! And they seem to just "know" what is in those boxes. Their little eyes light up with even more awe and wonder with each subsequent box that I haul. After what seems to be the millionth box I drag up the too narrow stairs I get images of my two teenage boys so cheerfully carrying those boxes for their mother in the years to come. I know I should never wish the time away, but oh how nice it would be to have strong boys to carry things for me. Never again would I have to heft the groceries in from the van or lug the laundry up two flights of stairs. My  loving and devoted boys will be at their mother's beck and call. Oh how lovely it will be. (I know this is probably a pipe dream and reality is that I will probably be thankful just to get a "hi mom" between video game pauses and bathroom breaks - where, if they love me, they'll put the seat down.)

But as for my memory in the making, not just dreams of the future, I needed to clear a space for the Christmas tree. My only option is where the baby prison  playpen has made it's home for the past year.  Also in the space is the sad and lonely baby swing, baby jumper, baby bouncer, tummy time playmat, boppy pillow and breastpump. I guess they weren't really lonely - they did have each other - but they were sad. Still they sat there unused and taking up space. I'm sure that subconsciously I haven't wanted to put it away because it would mean that Bubba is no longer a baby. I hate that part, where kids have to grow up. Makes me sad in the pants.

The one and greatest upside about putting away the baby things is that we are storing them not selling them. This means there is a chance that Hubs will want to have another one someday! And that makes me happy in the pants! :)  So I pack away the baby crap to make room for Christmas. Bubba has never been so interested in these things as much as he was today - when I was finally putting them away - never to be used by him again. So thank you dear baby crap you have made my babies happy and hopefully, God and Hubs willing, you will continue to make my babies happy.

Here's to you "takes up too much room baby crap" - we are having a good run.

Princess goes first!

Monkey doing what he does best.

Bubba takes his turn.

But Mom! It's sooo much fun...

Packed in the box.

All the crap ready to go away!

Parting is such sweet sorrow.