Monday, December 20, 2010

MMM...Don't you wish your squirrel friend was fat like mine?

So making memories Monday turned into Major Migraine Monday...

I could feel it coming while feeding Bubba the most bland baby mush ever and the smell was overwhelming. It was an hour yet till hubs came home. I couldn't wait - I ended up nearly passed out next to the toliet on the (clean) bathroom rug. Thankfully laundry has been getting done a lot more frequently these days.

So, as I was near death all night, and a fog still fills my head, there is very little enthusiasm to give a great memory today. That being the cold, hard, fact I will let you see my little chubby squirrel friend. We decorated for fall with some corn stalks - these were quickly attacked by my little furry buddy. He even ventures onto the front porch to get at the delicious and fattening corn. Today - before my head asploding - I took some great pics of my friend.

Sir Fatty McFatterson

He loves munching!

He lives in my tree.

He leaves footprints on my front porch.

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