Tuesday, November 2, 2010

and the peasants....rejoice

Someone asked me what made me make the leap into full time SAHMness. Well to be perfectly honest  -- I was pushed!

Without getting into all the dirty little details my previous employer was all "best for the business, blah, blah, blah..."  And if we are in the process of being truthful I had been on the fence about quitting my job and staying home for quite a while now. Being on the fence that long was pretty stressful. It wasn't at all awesome like sitting on a fencepost, munching bubblelicious, and meeting psycho, cannibalistic worms named Willie.
 No - this was a back and forth epic drama between mommy and sanity. Or at least I thought it was. On one hand there was that need to be mommy and take care of the hellions, and on the other there was that scary thought of prison time after staying at home and killing one or all of them. 

The financial reasons for keeping my job were already gone; after daycare, gas and the lunches I needed to buy I was essentially only bringing home $30 a week. I could easily do that from home (and not on the street corner).

  So far in this week I have discovered that I am pretty quick to jump through the hoops of grief and loss. Especially when that loss has been dreamt about for months.

So on 10/26/10 we have declared that this day is BeeFamily Independence Day.


Free to raise my Hellions - no longer needing to send them away being raised by others.
Free to keep my Home - no longer am I being stretched to the limits trying to balance work at work and work at home.
Free to respect my Hubs - for the first time I am totally reliant on him to take care of us, and how can you not respect that!

All in all, I am glad I was pushed.

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