Tuesday, November 23, 2010

is eee tie!!!

*** A small back story. ***
Monkey is developmentally delayed. He has language and speech issues, along with some behavior and emotional difficulties. We know that there is a genius behind all the broken language and temperamental storms. (He sleeps with his Rubik's Cube)
Hell - even Einstein had issues - he too would probably qualify for special-ed preschool.
Monkey is making leaps and bounds in terms of coming up to par with "normal" 3 year olds. (Meh - who really wants to be normal anyway?) We're lucky enough to have him in a special-ed preschool where he receives speech and occupational therapy four days a week. Soon enough he'll be running the world - so look busy!

*** End of little back story.***

In my house we speak a special language know only to us as "monkey speak."
This language is a special combination of normal toddler speak and, well, Monkey. 

Monkey is my second child, my first boy, and my ONLY monkey. 

He has earned this nickname for many reasons.
1. There is this nonhuman "gorilla grip" that he had as an infant. Monkey is so clingy that I can literally let go of him and he will hang to me -  much like a gorilla baby.
2. He loves to climb - couches, playsets, daddy - you name it and he will most likely "ape up" and be on top of it soon.
3.  The sound that he makes while upset is much like a screaming howler monkey in heat. Yeah - it's fun in my house.

Tonight amongst the crying Bubba, the jumping Princess, and the TV that is always on, my dear Monkey sets the sofa remote holder (which never has the remote anyway) on the floor and brings me dinner.

"Momi - is eee tie. Momi. Eee." Monkey mutters in his own language.


Well for this 3 year old -  imaginative play is like quantum physics. 

He loves to mimic - he can follow along with anything his sister wants to pretend. But tonight - all on his own - he initiated imaginative play.
 He makes me smile and brings tears to my eye at the same time.  So I sit with him and ask him questions about his delicious supper he has made for me. It was a lovely meal of corn and pumpkin.

 (yes - I know it's an eggplant - but you try to get him to say that word! - new words are tough- yo.)

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  1. My youngest daughter gets called Monkey as well. It started as a baby, when she had really long toes, we called her monkey-toes. Later she had hearing problems, so rather than figure out how to ask for things.. she took it upon herself to get them herself, thus climbing cupboards and counters and generally giving me a heart-attack 24-7.

    Monkeys are fantastic :-)